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Sail the dream without the full cost of ownership

SAILSHARE : Your passport to affordable sailing.  Join the sailing community and experience the magic of sailing but without the full costs of yacht ownership. Don’t just dream it, SAILSHARE it!

How does SAILSHARE work?

  • An affordable yacht share programme where owners get 33 days of yacht use per year plus unlimited standby days when booked within 48 hours if there are no other bookings.
  • The ownership agreement is for 3 years, at the end of the 3 years, the yacht is sold and the net proceeds are divided between the owners.
  • The owners pay a monthly fee  to cover operational costs such as a marina berth and insurance, regular routine maintenance of the engine, winches and windlass, annual lift out and anti foul.
  • An online booking system will ensure equal use of a professionally maintained yacht. 
  • A training package ensures owners feel competent to operate the yacht safely.
  • Owners can sell their share at anytime, giving an exit strategy if required.
  • We look after the costs and responsibilities of yacht ownership whilst owners turn up and sail the pristine waters of Geographe Bay, Western Australia. 
  • With it’s breathtaking sunsets and tranquil ambience, Geographe Bay is a sailors dream come true, perfect for both novice and seasoned sailors alike.  Join SAILSHARE and set your course for adventure. 

New Yacht

Bavaria C38

Sailshare has a new yacht on the horizon – a brand new Bavaria C38. We are inviting expressions of interest to join the next fully managed syndicate. You will be able to buy a 1/10th share for approximately $66,000 which will give you a guaranteed 33 days use per year plus standby days. The price will be confirmed once the order is finalised. Please get in touch to find out more.

Bavaria website C38