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Full Front Panel Indication (LEDs showing status of inputs and outputs)

  • 1 Solar Input
  • 2 Battery Input
  • 1 Bilge Input
  • 1 PIR Input
  • 2 Entry Input
  • 1 Fridge Input
  • 1 Shore Power 240VAC Input (by AC/DC Plug pack)
  • 1 Manual relay output (often used for deck lights or fridge on/off))
  • 1 Triggerable relay output (often used for siren)
  • GPS Built in Geofence (alarm if boat moves outside designated area)
  • Free Prepaid Aldi SIM included (Telstra Network)

* Specifications subject to change due to ongoing development.

*  Trek Transponder is not a substitute for proper boat care and maintenance but is an aid!

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Simply connect the S100A to your boats batteries, add a bilge float switch, plug in the free prepaid Aldi SIM and this unit is immediately monitoring your boat and can send alarms to your phone and up to 5 others.

You can also add a PIR or door switches to monitor security, temperature sensor for fridge and any compatible siren/flashing light.

Early warning of problems gives you the opportunity to solve those problems before they become expensive, disasters or insurance claims.

Trek Transponder S100A has two output relays, one is automatic and triggered by security inputs and is intended for sirens or flashing lights. The second is manually controllable by SMS from your phone and can be used for pumps, deck lights and many applications.

Trek Transponder S100A operates from 12V or 24V and draws only 0.04A so is easy to install on most boats. Power use is so low its no problem for boats on moorings. No special SIM or Data SIM is required, only a simple phone SIM.

Trek Transponder is Australian Made and has a 2-year warranty.

Trek Transponder S100A Specifications

  • Full Front Panel Indication (LEDs showing status of inputs and outputs)
  • Free Prepaid Aldi SIM
  • 12V or 24V Operation
  • Inputs and Outputs can be renamed
  • Input OK/Alarm can be inverted (ie NO to NC)
  • 1 Solar Panel Input (0 – 40.00VDC)
  • 2 Battery Inputs (0 – 40.00VDC)
  • 1 Bilge Input
  • 1 PIR input
  • 1 6V Power output for PIR (12V optional)
  • 2 Entry inputs
  • Fridge Temperature Input: -25 to +105 Deg C
  • 1 Shore Power Input
  • 1 Manual relay output (often used for deck lights or fridge on/off))
  • 1 Triggerable relay output (often used for siren)
  • Pitch and Roll motion sensor
  • Built in GPS Geofence (alarm if boat moves outside designated area)
  • External GPS and External 4G Antenna option

Front Panel Indications

  • Yes: All inputs, Power, GPS and Telco online and Relay status
  • Front Panel indication: Commanded ON/OFF by SMS


  • Automatic relay 1 (10minute contact closure triggered by PIR and Entry):   5A 30VDC  N.O.
  • Manual Relay (controlled by SMS):  5A 30VDC  N.O. contact
  • PIR Power: 1 x 6V (12V optional) regulated over 8V to 32V input voltage range


  • Operating voltage: 8V to 32V   (12V 24V systems automatically detected)
  • Operating power: < 1W


  • Antenna: Built in, external optional
  • Channels: 48, parallel tracking
  • Correlators: 400,000
  • Frequency: L1 (1575MHz)
  • Horizontal Accuracy: < 3m


  • Size: 171x121x55mm
  • Case Material: Polycarbonate
  • Mounting:Flange left and right side
  • Cable entry:Specify location desired on order
  • Cable terminations:Screw terminal strip
  • Operating Temperature: 0 – 60 Deg C
  • Weight: 300g


  • Antennas: Built in, external optional
  • 4G with fall back to 3G then 2G if 4G not available
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